Jun 15

Canadian Pharmacy Get Bactrim Iv

Many people prefer to order medicines from a Canadian pharmacy since they are available at highly discounted rates. A Canadian pharmacy is able to sell most medicines at a much lower price because in addition to branded drugs they manufacture trusted generic drugs that are equally effective. Canada also has an effective national health care system in place that has implemented stringent price controls.

Generic Drugs at Every Canadian Pharmacy

Every Canadian pharmacy sells generic drugs. However, before you place an order, you must know exactly what a generic drug refers to. Generic medicines consist of exactly the same active medicinal ingredients as those contained in the original brand of the drug. The difference is that they are manufactured and distributed without any patent protection.

Generic medicines are supposed to be identical in terms of dosage, route of administration, strength, safety, intended use and efficacy. This means that it must be consumed in the same way you would consume the branded drug. It will be prescribed for the same problems and will have the same therapeutic results and same or similar drug interactions and side effects.

Remember, that for any medicine you must have a prescription from the doctor and if you wish to switch from a generic drug to a brand or vice-versa, you must consult your physician and switch only if he recommends. The differences that you can expect between generic and branded medicines that you will find at a Canadian pharmacy are size, shape, markings, color and most importantly, the price!

Canadian Pharmacy: Price Control

When you visit a Canadian pharmacy, you are sure to find a difference in price. This is not just because of the generic drugs available but because Canada has strict price control regulations in place. Canada’s review board, Patented Medicine Prices Review Board, has been authorized by Canadian law to reduce the price of a drug in Canada if it surpasses the median of prices in at least six European countries, plus USA.

Bactrim Side Effects to Expect When Buying From a Canadian Pharmacy

Even if you are buying a generic Bactrim medicine from Canada, the side effects will be either same or almost similar as that of the original drug. The serious side effects, that you must inform your doctor immediately about, are:

Sore throat, blistering, peeling, skin rash or fever
Easy bruising, pale skin or even mild skin rash
Coughing, shortness of breath
Water or bloody diarrhea
Weak pulse, numbness, weakness, reduced heart rate or severe tingling sensation.
Loss of appetite, dark colored urine, yellow eyes or skin, clay-colored stools and nausea
Flu symptoms or body aches
Less or no urination

However, there are some common and less serious side effects to Bactrim that you may expect. These include:

Swelling of tongue or painful tongue
Dizzy sensation or head spinning sensation
Pain in your joints


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