Jun 16

How Fda’s New Guidelines Help Reduce Cross-contamination In Pharmacy And Bio-tech Industries

The FDA report ‘Pharmaceutical Quality for the 21st Century: A Risk-Based Approach’ lays emphasis on the Quality-by-design approach for process validation. It includes Process Development, Process Analytical Technologies, and Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA). Michael R. Goodman, compliance specialist, Compliance Insight that these new guidelines for validation in Current Goods Manufacturing Processes (cGMP) specifically help reduce cross-contamination in pharmacy and bio-tech industries.

The FDAs suggestions include:
Extremely strict quality and process controls.

Use of PAT (process analytical technologies) which are based on tools, multivariate data acquisition and analysis, process analyzers, and process controls.

No compromises with public safety.

More consolidations, collaborations, and alliances in the industry.

According to Goodman, reducing cross-contamination is easily possible by doing the following:

Implementing the Quality-by-design validation process and other modern ideas of pharmaceutical development being used by the best in the industry.

Making no compromises with the quality systems at any stage of the manufacturing life cycle.

Implementing proper risk management process of the highest quality at every step.

For example, the first phase of the clinical trial should include initial process validation, design process validation, and equipment evaluation. A range assessment research study should also be adopted. The study should conclude what is the acceptable range, critical steps, and list the specifics required for successful scale-up. There would be no need for tech-transfer validation at either the contract-manufacturer or collaborator level if proper transparency is maintained in research.

Consider the following in order to adhere to the FDA guidelines for risk-based analysis of facility and equipment:

How do daily and normal operations affect quality?

What are the equipment-tolerance factors?

Is there optimum interaction connecting equipment material, systems material, and in-process material?

The idea is to use equipment that has the maximum efficiency and accuracy. The best technique is to ensure that at least a minimum of three consecutive batches are used for validation.

Jun 15

Canadian Pharmacy Get Bactrim Iv

Many people prefer to order medicines from a Canadian pharmacy since they are available at highly discounted rates. A Canadian pharmacy is able to sell most medicines at a much lower price because in addition to branded drugs they manufacture trusted generic drugs that are equally effective. Canada also has an effective national health care system in place that has implemented stringent price controls.

Generic Drugs at Every Canadian Pharmacy

Every Canadian pharmacy sells generic drugs. However, before you place an order, you must know exactly what a generic drug refers to. Generic medicines consist of exactly the same active medicinal ingredients as those contained in the original brand of the drug. The difference is that they are manufactured and distributed without any patent protection.

Generic medicines are supposed to be identical in terms of dosage, route of administration, strength, safety, intended use and efficacy. This means that it must be consumed in the same way you would consume the branded drug. It will be prescribed for the same problems and will have the same therapeutic results and same or similar drug interactions and side effects.

Remember, that for any medicine you must have a prescription from the doctor and if you wish to switch from a generic drug to a brand or vice-versa, you must consult your physician and switch only if he recommends. The differences that you can expect between generic and branded medicines that you will find at a Canadian pharmacy are size, shape, markings, color and most importantly, the price!

Canadian Pharmacy: Price Control

When you visit a Canadian pharmacy, you are sure to find a difference in price. This is not just because of the generic drugs available but because Canada has strict price control regulations in place. Canada’s review board, Patented Medicine Prices Review Board, has been authorized by Canadian

Jun 14

Swiss Sciences Nutrition Advice Processed Foods

This article of Swiss Sciences nutrition advice will talk about about the effects of processed foods on our health.

What so we mean by diet? Diet can be defined as the particular foods any specific organism eats. Human nutrition and meal planning are the topic of dieticians and health professionals. These people are trained to provide dietary advice and management. Swiss Sciences nutrition are involved in such duties of dietary advice and management.

Unprocessed Foods

It has been determined that our health can be improved by eating fresh, whole foods.

A study documented in National Geographic Magazine in 2005 attempts to determine why the people of certain population groups tend to live longer than others. The article discusses three cultures that have unusually long life spans and who suffer very few of the diseases that kill people in most of the world. In comes down to about three things these people tend to eat that are responsible for there long life spans and exceptional health. The three groups of people, the Sardinians, the Okinawans, and the Adventists, eat low calorie diets that consist mainly of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Whole plant foods slows your body’s digestive processes. It will allow for better absorption of nutrients and will provide a balance of essential nutrients. This results in better cell growth management, and also better maintenance and cell division. In addition, it will cause a better regulation of your appetite and of your body’s blood sugar levels. It has also been shown that it is better to eat regularly scheduled meals as opposed to infrequent meals. This is the approach to nutrition that Swiss Sciences Nutrition is in agreement with.

Avoid Processed Foods

Hunter-gatherers are what humans have evolved to be over the last quarter of a million years. The diet of early humans varied based on

Jun 14

Honeydew Fun Facts & Nutrition

Honeydew is a variety of muskmelon, considered the sweetest of all melons. They’re also called winter melons because they’re harvested late in the season, peaking during late summer, fall and winter, though honeydew is available almost the whole year round. Most of our U.S. honeydews come from Arizona, Texas or California with imported melons from Mexico taking up the slack during winter months.

Where did Honeydew originally come from?

No one is exactly sure the origin of honeydew but Persia is named the likely humble beginnings for this succulent melon. Columbus carried honeydew seeds to America and now it’s one of our favorite melons behind watermelon and cantaloupe.

How To Pick A Honeydew Melon:

Things you want to look for when picking out a perfectly ripe melon are no bruises, soft areas or cracks. Don’t bother shaking or hitting it, that won’t tell you anything. Sniff the stem end (which should be somewhat smooth): if you can smell it, then it’s ripe. Also, a ripe melon should be somewhat firm, if it’s a little soft that’s ok but if it’s very soft, put it back, it’s overripe.

Honeydew Nutrition:

Like other melons, honeydews contain a large amount of water and are happily quite low in calories. Additionally, they’re fat-free and cholesterol free. They’re also a great source of Vitamin C and potassium.

How To Store Honeydew Melon:

You can refrigerate cut honeydew in a covered container for up to three days. Make sure to keep it covered though, as the smell can mix with other foods thanks to its wonderful aromatic properties.

Want to keep that sweet taste of summer with you all year? No problem, you can easily freeze honeydew. Just slice it up, freeze it on a cookie sheet and place in freezer baggies. You can also add syrup or sugar if you

Jun 11

Use Best Pharmacy Computer Systems To Manage The Pharmacy Business

In the pharmacy field, there have been many challenges which have introduced new things which provide smoother work in this field. One of the things which have simplified the works involved in this field is pharmacy automation. The automation of the pharmacy is considered to be an important thing for a number of reasons. The pharmacy industry has seen an extensive growth due to its automation. The technology and software which are used here have helped in the growth of the pharmacy industry. There are many companies which offer automation services for pharmacy, so it is very important to choose the best automation service provider who can provide effective automation services as per the needs of the clients.

If you are the one who need these systems, then you can go for the Pharmacy Computer Systems which can help in providing best solutions for all your needs. These systems can help in providing smooth functions involved in all the computer systems. The systems you will get here are considered to be user friendly, robust and are capable of providing affordable solutions for all your needs. These cutting edge systems are very easy to use and are very good for independent pharmacies. The systems are highly in demand because of the ease they provide to the user. These systems provide accurate results to the user, which is the reason that they are widely in use.

The use of the automation systems in pharmacy has increased in the recent years. The sole reason is that it has made the work very easier. In addition to this, these systems have increased the productivity of the pharmacy industry. With the help of Pharmacy Computer Systems, you can make better reports which give 100 percent accuracy. Moreover, it has provided an excellent support system to the employees

Jun 10

Are Sports Nutrition Supplements Good For Teenagers

Sports nutrition supplements have been used for years to enhance an athlete’s performance. Many times, teenagers also use these supplements to keep their bodies in top condition. However, during puberty, if any upset to the body’s delicate balance is damaged by taking additional supplements, then this can cause serious concerns later in life. If one is serious about keeping their teen safe, then the best place to learn all they can about supplements, both good and bad, is on the internet.

To begin to understand sports nutrition supplements, a parent and/or teenager should definitely visit Kids Health. Not only can one learn about questionable multi vitamins and various supplements, but they can also learn how to deal with peer pressure, with regard to using supplements to supposedly enhance their performance. The types of multivitamins that are good for teenagers to take are also discussed on this site. The information is wonderful for parents and teens alike.

Another wonderful website that parents can visit to learn more about sports supplements for teenagers is Med Umich. Here a parent can find out ways to keep their child safe from not only harmful supplements, but also from sports related injuries. Parents of active teenagers need all the help they can get and this website provides just that, with info about supplements and how they affect teenagers.

The transitional years from childhood to adulthood can be a difficult time for anyone, yet especially so for those who want to be like the sports superstars they see on the big screen and in magazines. Many teens feel that sports nutrition supplements are the answer to increasing their strength and stamina in their sporting aspirations.

However, a teenager can do harm to their mind and body by dabbling with some nutrition supplements.

Jun 06

Information On Macaroni Salad Nutrition

When it comes to macaroni salad nutrition there are a few things to consider. Although you’ll obviously get energy from the carbohydrates contained in any macaroni salad it will largely depend on what other ingredients there are as to what benefits you receive nutritionally.

Most people tend to opt for a mayonnaise based choice sauce but this can be heavy and high in calories. Choosing an olive oil and lemon juice based one instead will be lighter and better on the digestion and is a good option if you are considering losing weight or if you just fancy something light on the palate.

Nutrients and vitamins are absorbed by the body from vegetables and by combining these with your pasta and dressing you can receive a range of health benefits. Green leafy vegetables rich and iron can be chopped and added to your recipe to enhance taste and make it healthier too.

You may also try fruit as well. These provide you with a range of benefits and can provide you with natural sugar which is a lot better for you than processed ones. Be careful to use ones that work well in combination with the other ingredients

You can also opt for a different kind of macaroni to change the balance of your salad. Try a whole grain variety. These give you slow release energy that the body uses throughout the day and this is better to balance blood sugar and stop you craving snack in between your meals.

Get your fill of the proteins that are necessary for muscle growth and repair by having a food like chicken or turkey. These are versatile and can be cooked in different ways to change their texture proving to be an excellent addition that works well with many other elements that

Jun 06

Natural Vitamin

Natural Vitamin Sources

There are a lot of people who do not have enough natural vitamin sources in their diet and therefore suffer from a deficiency of one or more vitamins. Obviously, it is possible to buy vitamin supplements to help overcome any deficiencies but for the majority of people it should be possible for them to obtain the majority of their recommended daily allowance of vitamins from natural vitamin sources. The key to gaining the correct amount of vitamins from natural vitamin sources is to eat a healthy and balanced diet.

There are certain diets, such as vegetarian, that provide a limited number of natural vitamin supplements and therefore a supplement may be necessary. Also, the intake required of these natural vitamin sources at certain periods may need to be increased and a supplement may be the best option. It is important to be aware of each of the different types of vitamins and their best natural vitamin sources so that a person can incorporate as many of these as possible into their regular diet. Water soluble vitamins cannot be stored in the body and need to be replenished on a daily basis so it is natural vitamin sources for these vitamins that are the most essential to know.

� Natural vitamin B1 sources are brewer�s yeast, whole grains, blackstrap molasses, brown rice, organ meats, egg yolk

� Natural vitamin B2 sources are brewer�s yeast, whole grains, legumes, nuts, organ meats, blackstrap molasses

� Natural vitamin B3 sources are lean meats, poultry & fish, brewer�s yeast, peanuts, milk, rice bran, potatoes

� Natural vitamin B4 sources are egg yolks, organ meats, brewer�s yeast, wheat germ, soybeans, fish, legumes

� Natural vitamin B5 sources are organ meats, egg yolks, legumes, whole grains, wheat germ, salmon, brewer�s yeast

� Natural vitamin B6 sources are meats, whole grains, organ meats brewer�s yeast, blackstrap molasses,

Jun 04

Nutrition Essential Omega 3 Recommendations – 4 Tips to Find Best Fish Oil Supplement

What is the need of nutrition essential omega 3 recommendations?

With the increased awareness in people about the benefits of omega 3 fatty acids, it seems like every time you turn your head, a new omega3 product is launched in the market. However, of so many products, which one is effective, is difficult to find if you are not aware of the basics. This is where nutrition essential omega 3 recommendations come into picture. They tell you what are the features of the best and effective product, and then it is up to you to decide and take your pick.

Without wasting much time, let us discuss the nutrition essential omega 3 recommendations I have in my mind after few years of research in this area.

1. DHA content

DHA is the most vital of omega3 fatty acids. Its importance can be well understood by a fact that human brain is made up of 30% of DHA. Therefore, best supplement has high DHA concentration.

For best results look for supplements made from fish that are naturally high in DHA. 1000mg of oil should contain at least 250 mg of DHA.

2. Purity

Because of increasing pollution in ocean waters, fish caught from them are also full of toxins like arsenic, lead, PCBs, etc. Hence, while oil is extracted from such fish, proper refining process should be followed. Otherwise, toxicity of oil will increase and its consumption can lead to toxin poisoning.

Molecular distillation is the only process known that can filter out all the unwanted and harmful chemicals from the oil and ensures that the oil is of pharmaceutical grade quality.

3. Freshness

Fish are prone to oxidation. Mishandling of fish results in their fast decay and hence in rancid oil. Consumption of stale oil means rancid after taste and fishy burps.

To test freshness, you can cut open a

Jun 03

Pharmacy Assistant Training – Your Ticket To A Rewarding Career And High Paying Job

Are you considering becoming a Pharmacy Assistant? Availing the right pharmacy assistant training course in your city/state is an ideal way to start. Most states in the US entail pharmacy assistants to be licensed. Certified or licensed techs take home high pay-packets, as they are high in demand. These professionals are gainfully employed in healthcare centers, home healthcare pharmacies, private medical clinics, hospitals, healthcare centers and other health maintenance organizations. The opportunities to work with renowned doctors, dentists, surgeons, pharmacist and nurses, to mention a few, will certainly keep you challenged, motivated and inspired.

Pharmacy Assistant – A Brief Introduction
These professionals are known to be the spine of pharmacy sector. Pharmacist perform the management duties while a pharmacy tech performs most of the work including reviewing prescriptions for authenticity and completeness, control inventory, help in preparing and distributing medications, place orders and assist in billing.

pharmacy assistant training Provides You with a Cutting Edge Career Prospect
Being a pharmacy tech entails a high school diploma and either completion of a formal training program or passing a state exam in a school, which specializes in a pharmacy tech certifications or degrees. Moreover, before you start looking out for training courses, ensure you research your state’s pharmacy tech training requirements, and those in any state in which you intend to work as well. In some states, hands-on training is the key way of learning the ins and outs of this job.

Formal Training Programs :
Pharmacy tech program typically comes in the form of certificate and can put you on the fast track of success in as little as 1-2 years. The training is offered by means of normal career training outlets, including vocational schools and community colleges. The program includes:

Introduction to Pharmacy: Students learn about various pharmacy settings like hospital

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