Sep 19

Pharmacist Vs Pharmacy Technician Less Known Differences In Duties

Most of us often go to pharmacies to buy medicines and notice some guys working behind the counter. For outsiders, there is virtually no difference in the duties of all of them. Technically speaking, there are many differences in their responsibilities and duties. Most of us cannot notice their duties with ease. All in all, both pharmacy technician New Jersey and pharmacists are different.

Duties of Pharmacy Technicians
First of all, a pharmacy tech fulfills all the medication-related needs of their customers and files all the medicines sold from the pharmacy and do everything in order to assist pharmacists. In general, these professionals look for prescriptions and dispense medications accordingly under the supervision of pharmacists. And this is one of the biggest rules for a pharmacy tech. In particular, a pharmacy technician is required to do all the busiest and critical tasks in a pharmacy. After finalizing all the tasks, a pharmacist cross-checks them to ensure is everything is ok. In order to make this profession your career, high-school diploma is enough. However, you may have to take certification in order to raise your income.

Duties of a Pharmacist
Being the in-charge of the work of pharmacy technicians, pharmacist has the main role of creating the medicines according to the specified ingredients. In addition, they are also involved in counseling of most patients because technicians dont have this authority. They are also responsible for making proper clarification of all doubts in patients and customers mind. When it comes to income, they enjoy higher salary than pharmacy techs. However, they do have to pass a 4-year degree program to apply for this post. And this program is a lot complex as compared to bachelors degree. As a pharmacist, you can also practice directly from a residency and then enter into the typical clinical atmosphere.

Whats common & whats not among both?
First of all, they both play the same role of mixing and pouring medicines and take medicines weight in the healthcare setting. Both pharmacy tech and pharmacist have the same responsibility of serving doctors, insurance companies and patients. Here comes the main difference a pharmacy technician works under the supervision of a pharmacist.

The Final Say
One more difference between pharmacy technician and pharmacist is that they both have different educational requirements and they enjoy different packages pharmacist gets higher salary as compared to pharmacy tech, because of skill differences.


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