Apr 25

Pharmacy Books — Helping The Chemist To The Senior Pharmacologists Adequately!

This is precisely where the branch of medical knowledge that is generally referred to as pharmacy comes in. The pharmacists, in a manner of speaking complete the linkage starting with the testing labs and research rooms as they form the group of medical professionals who are responsible for the production, and dispensation and also the administration of the running of the druggists, chemists or the neighborhood medical shop as some would like to call them.

It is obvious that without the aid of quality Pharmacy Books assisting them, the growth of the medical professionals who have chosen this particular branch would be unthinkable.

With innumerable drugs, and concoctions of all sorts cluttering up the medical store shelves the job of the pharmacologists becomes all the more important. Their prime task is to ensure that no serious drug that requires a written prescription from a qualified medical person passes through without one.

And also even those that do require a prescription and can be sold over the counter are sold only in the prescribed and safe doses. Sleeping pills is a good example of this.

Pharmacy books, when looked at from this perspective, assume great significance. A wrong or incomplete understanding of the subject of pharmacology can be disastrous to say the least.

The pharmacy books that are widely liked and used by the various segments students, pharmacologists who are at the beginning of their career, as also the senior level pharmacy professionals.

The three globally recognized sub-specialties of the branch of medical knowledge pharmacy are — pharmaceuticals, medical chemistry and pharmacognosy, pharmacy practice.

There are plenty of pharmacy books that fulfill the individual requirements of each of these sub divisions of the broad science of pharmacy.

Pharmacy is, in fact, one area of medical knowledge, where the more traditional and classical school has clearly taken over their western counterparts. So much so, that the ayurvedic texts penned by the great practitioner of this health science Susrutha in the sixth century BC is world wide acknowledged as the first ever known pharmacy books in the history of mankind.

Each country has got a list of banned drugs and there are laws and regulations to enforce this are implemented as well.


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