Jul 28

Pharmacy Technician Training What Else Can You Do In Health Care

The health care industry is thriving and the main force behind it is the aging US population. It’s no big secret that as the population ages, more and more health care are needed by everybody. Of course, professionals who are properly trained to provide health care services will do very well financially.

One such group of service professionals are pharmacy technicians. They are an important piece of the puzzle. Pharmacy technicians help pharmacists provide medicine and other prescribed health care products to patients. In a retail setting, pharmacy techs typically provide the customer service, the stocking of medicine and medical supplies, answer the phone, and other tasks.

In hospitals and physicians offices, pharmacy technicians check prescriptions for accuracy, prepare the proper dosage of medicine, and maintain medicine data on the patients. They also assist as required by the licensed pharmacist.

But aside from helping out licensed pharmacists, what else are available as pharmacy technician careers? The answer is a lot of options within the health care / pharmaceutical industry.

From school and other certified pharmacy training programs, students learn about sterilizing products, procedures and operations of hospitals and pharmacies, pharmacy law, and pharmacology. These are very specialized skills that are valued by pharmacies, hospitals, and similar establishments. Coupled with a few years of experience, a trained pharmacy tech can truly become valuable and should have flexibility in upward professional movement.

For example, someone who’s waiting to get into pharmacy school can work as a pharmacy technician in the meantime and learn the trade. Pharmacy technician training on-the-job can be very helpful.

Additionally, certified pharmacy technicians can move on to other positions in retail establishment such as purchasing, inventory specialists, and technical sales. Since pharmacy techs deal with pharmacists and pharmaceutical products on a daily basis, the business minded ones are in the best position to administer the operation and sell the products.


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