Feb 17

Weight Loss !!! through Cellular Nutrition Technology !!!

Click Here!!!”>Most people do not get enough nutrition. The foods we eat have been depleted of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, and are often laced with toxins. The Cellular Nutrition program provides everything out body needs to maintain good health and vitality.

Because of bad eating habits, pollution, alcohol, tobacco, toxins and stress, our bodies cannot properly absorb the nutrients we do consume, and so, Cellular Nutrition not only gives us nutrition but is also designed to help our bodies absorb the nutrition, which it does in 3 ways:

1. CLEANSING Everytime we eat, drink and breathe, we do not just take good things into our bodies but harmful things as well – substances which may be toxic to the body. Each one of our trillions of cells goes through a process called metabolism, converting oxygen, nutrients and other substances into energy or into the building blocks of new cells. Part of this continual process is called detoxification or cleansing – the removal of harmful toxins from the body. These toxins, if allowed to build up, can cause many of the allergies and ailments from which people suffer. Cellular Nutrition helps this cleansing process through a special formula of health-giving herbs and fibers.

2. ABSORPTION Inside our intestines are small finger-like projections called villi. These are part of our body’s absorption system. Because of bad eating habits, stress and toxins, the villi can become impaired – breaking off or clogging up with glue-like toxic substances. Even if we eat all the right foods, if our villi are not functioning properly the body will not be able to absorb and use the nutrition. Cellular Nutrition is especially formulated to help cleanse and maximize our absorption system.

3. CELLULAR REGENERATION The next stage of the Cellular Nutrition program is to help the cells of out body regenerate – healthy cells making copies of themselves. The body will do this naturally it receives the right building blocks: proteins, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and trace elements. This is the core of the cellular Nutrition program. With top quality nutrition in an absorbable format, the body’s own healing mechanisms can work fully, and the result is a greater feeling of health, energy and vitality.

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